Ward Cunningham

I created the first wiki in 1995. I created several versions including the one documented in The Wiki Way by Bo Leuf and myself. I was happy to see others innovate in the form and especially admire the Wikipedia technologies and communities.

I wrote Federated Wiki while I served as Nike's open-data fellow. I currently work for NewRelic in Portland, Oregon.


I created this site while developing a talk that eventually became Federated Wiki Design Principles.

Eight weeks of work for this talk. The spark lines show activity for selected pages up through revising the acknowledgements the day after presenting.

I struggled to find a focus. I started this site when I settled on ten principles. In Q&A I was asked how sites are linked. I dredged up the original Splash page, dragged it to the lineup, and showed how I could fork it here.


I've been aware of wiki's limitations since the beginning. I have had the opportunity to address many of these with a single page javascript cross-origin application.

Many contributors have guided or sometimes done the work of making software. See Wiki's Open History

Here I explore principles guiding federated wiki. This work is in support of, and complementary to, my invited talk at Splash 2014 in Portland, Oregon, my home town.


I often create wiki sites for talks that serve both as collections of resources while writing and a lasting supplement to the slides. See Other Wiki Talks

Mike Caulfield has supported my work by both building communities and reflecting on how technology helps them work. He has been the first to fork pages from this site.

Mike Caulfield makes a lot of federated wikis and imagines a future where you will too. He's forking these pages not to improve them but to better explore them.