Invited to speak at the Wavefront workshop as part of Splash (ex OOOPSLA).

Will speak at 10:30, Oct 24th.


immortality for original wiki

insensitivity to spam

biomimetic features

folk memory

diversity of positions


wikimainia keynote

code for america

code for a better world

fork on edit

representation vs. visualization

material sustainability index




server-side plugins

chorus of voices

time in the numerator


Chronic weakness in wiki deserve a fresh approach. I will review design decisions realized in the last three year and then browse with you content created in this interval.

Wiki is a platform where strangers can develop enough trust to build something important together.

Software revolution founded on shared patterns and agile methods. (linguistic usage)

All the world's knowledge. An education for economists. (emergent style and process)

Here comes everybody. As a technologist I feel some obligation to meet Clay's expectations.

Wiki Design Principles informing the original.

Ideas could emerge but were not evolutionarily stable as in biological and cultural processes.

Want immortality. Community create & preserves. Preservation Through Replication

Want diversity. Within community that can converge. Missing Wiki Before Xp

Want insensitivity. Where creatives and bad-actors blur. Wiki Spam

Might we accept that a distributed system might solve more problems than it creates were we not so interested in making one seem like a single computer?

Folk Concepts informing the federated version.

Single-page application invents new kind of browsing and editing. Uses javascript where original used cgi/forms.


JSON Schema defines story and journal.

Six Principles

Emergent Value in Proliferation

High Awareness in Forrageing

Mutable Linear Form

Structure in Parallel Constructions

Authority from Trail Climbing

Locality of Voice and Jargon

Expectation of Service

Weakening Layers of Conformance