High Awareness in Foraging

We seek an active reader willing to interpret incomplete, fragmented and contradictory works. The thoroughness of long-form writing compensates for publication friction that has vanished. Better to return quickly and frequently to a thought than struggle to wring all value out at once.

Different than citation awareness, it's at a glance, it's quick evaluation taken in all at once.

One navigates quickly through an evolving network while building, maintaining and preserving a general awareness.

Wiki favors a writing style that can be read quickly knowing the readers have other interests on their minds.

Pages are filled with paragraphs, thumbnails, and assorted other items defined by plugins.

One can always edit. But where edits go and who will see them depends on the investment one makes.

One finds short pages filled with small things. A click or drag pulls copies closer thus exerting pressure on the shape of the federation.