Fedwiki: The Big Picture

Federated Wiki Is an Application. It is not a web page or series of web pages. This has some implications on interface and use.

Federated Wiki Is Your High School Journal. It's a scratch space, a place to capture ideas. Some will gel into larger entities, some will not.

Federated Wiki and Reflection. Wiki writing is not the only form of reflection, but it has some unique properties that make it useful to education. Federated wiki broadens opportunities for application.

Federated Wiki and Growth. Sites thrive when they are expanding, but tend to ossify when expansion stops. Can federated wiki create long-term communities by ditching the growth model?

Recently I saw Ward's Song of Code and Content presentation. The big thing I took away? Look at SFW like Ada Lovelace.

Federated Wikis, the Universal Canvas, and Ben's Five Star Plugin is my attempt to synthesize thinking from Jon Udell and Ward Cunningham about how the approach of Federated Wiki serves a world primarily about *semi*-structured data.

I've been thinking about why Federated Wiki is so hard to explain, and come to the conclusion that Federated Wiki Is Like Excel -- small features have big effects, and that is hard to communicate.

Federated Wiki is like Alan Kay's Tape Reel

Federated Wiki might overcome the Logistic Curve

Namespace Collisions are more fun in federated wiki.